Concert for Japan

On Sunday 10th of April, a charity concert will be given in Eindhoven. This event is organized by “Play & Pray 4 Japan” with the aim of raising funds for Japanese Christian Fellowship Church of the Netherlands.

Event: “Play & Pray 4 Japan” concert

Date: April 10, Sunday at 15:00

Venue: Novalis College, Sterrenlaan 16, 5631 KA Eindhoven


Koto - Makiko Goto

Saxphone - Ad Peijnenburg

Japanese womens’ choir “Yayoi”

Japanese krijgskunst demonstration “Renbukan”

Japanese calligraphy demonstration

Ticket: 10 Euro at the entrance

Makiko Goto
Makiko Goto

Ms. Makiko Goto will play a traditional Japanese instrument “Koto”. Ms. Goto is a well-known Koto player who gives concerts and participates actively in music collaborations all around Europe. She lives in Waalre.

“Play & Pray 4 Japan” is a newly organized group (with Japanese and non-Japanese) with the aim of showing our solidarity and helping those who suffered in the disaster. Members all live in Eindhoven and surroundings. We are sponsored by Xerox Limted & Fuji Xerx Co.,Ltd.

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Makiko Goto, born in Tokyo, Japan 1963, started playing koto with her mother at the age of nine. Since she was twelve years old she studied under Kazue Sawai and Tadao Sawai at the Sawai Koto School where she received the master degree “Shihan”.

In 1986, she moved to Hawaii (USA), where she was an instructor at the Ethnic Music Department of the University of Hawaii and established a branch of the Sawai Koto School. Since 1992, she is living in the Netherlands.

Makiko Goto is performing both traditional and contemporary music on koto (13-strings),and for modern koto instruments (17-string bass koto and 21-string koto). She is frequently invited to join in different ensembles and groups (duo, trio, electronic music ensemble, theatre, dance, etc) world-wide.

Since Makiko Goto is living in Europe she frequently participates in the premieres of works for koto instruments by contemporary composers. She has been collaborating with the composers, through widely generations, Toshio Hosokawa, Makoto Shinohara, Misato Mochizuki, Bernhard Lang, Gerhard Stäbler, Kunsu Shim, Jimmy López, Rupert Huber, Annette Schlünz, Malika Kishino, Yu Oda and others.

Her performances were recorded for international radio- and television programs and she appears on several CD´s with contemporary and traditional pieces for koto solo and/or chamber music with other instruments and voice.