How to join

To join,

1. Fill out the membership application form either on-line (see Apply On-line) or send an application form (PDF attached) to: You can also hand in the application form during IWCE monthly meetings (meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at the Therme Son in Son - see the page Meetings

2. Pay the membership dues once the Membership Co-ordinator has advised you that the Board has accepted your application.

3. Come to the meetings and activities.

You are welcome to come as a guest (up to two times) before deciding to join the IWCE. Please contact us at: if you would like to be a guest at one of our meetings.

How to pay

1. You can pay by bank transfer.

The account number of the IWCE is: 1774 07 506.

The IBAN is:  NL55RABO0177407506.

Please remember to include: your name and the date

2. You can pay cash to the Treasurer at the IWCE October Meeting (monthly meetings are always the thirds Thursday of the month - see Meetings.)

For new members, the membership fee is €50 (includes a one-time registration fee of €5.)

Membership Renewal is €45. Dues are non-refundable.

Prospective members must complete the application form, with their dues, to the Membership Coordinator.

In order to remain a member in good standing, annual dues must be paid by the date of the October meeting, or a € 10,- late fee will be charged.



Would you like to become a member? The best way is to apply on-line.

Apply on-line

Do you prefer to send an application by post? Please, download the form here: