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There are more than 80 International Women’s Clubs in 40 countries who open their doors to each other. Hopefully you have enjoyed making new contacts here in the IWC Eindhoven with international friends who understand where you are coming from and can help you to establish a life in a new country whose culture, language and institutions are so unfamiliar. For those serial movers amongst us, they have had to do this many times, but it is always a challenge. In the worst case scenario, where there is no IWC, we are able to give you all the advice you need to set up your own club. An ex-member of the IWCE did this successfully in Languedoc, France. The Open Door network is there to help make the transition easier. If you are moving on, we can help you get in contact with an IWC near you wherever you eventually drop anchor. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Open Door - other IWCs



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Logo of the Open Door organization
Logo of the Open Door organization

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