Activities and groups



Aside from our monthly general meetings, IWCE members are welcome to join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) — one of our most attractive features. These groups meet during the day or evening to share their interests and passions. Our SIGs range widely from Choir to Film Group, Book clubs to Italian Conversation, Gourmet Club and so on.* The SIGs are the core of the IWCE. Below is a short description of each of our current SIGs. IWCE members are welcome to join the SIGs throughout the season.

At the present time, SIG’s are open to all members, you can join all groups even if you are not usually a member. If you are interested in joining an online group, please contact the SIG leader directly.

For more details, members can refer to the Handbook or the monthly Newsletters.

Important notice

During some of the events and activities of the IWCE, pictures are taken for potential publication on social media, online or printed media.
At our monthly meetings, it is mainly the speaker and the location as a whole, that are photographed. During activities, the group leader or some other member may take a photo. In any of these cases, please inform the photographer if you do not wish to be photographed.

An unofficial Group that is open to IWCE members

The IWCE also introduces its members to unaffiliated groups such as the Culture Club.

The Culture Club consists of IWCE members as well as non-members. The Culture Club plans outings to different cultural sites around the Netherlands, and nearby Belgium and Germany. Active membership in the Culture Club is required. Members take turns organising outings.

Art Group

The aim of this group is first of all to promote and support the artists among the members of IWCE as well as the members who are interested in art. This group visits museums, galleries and artist ateliers and if possible,  participates in different workshops by the artists at their ateliers. 


The choir offers both fun and the feeling of achievement when the songs they rehearse come together. You do not need music experience to join this group. They meet the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday mornings. They do not meet the 3rd Thursday due to the general meeting. They perform at the summer and winter holiday IWCE lunches.

Please note this is a paid activity.

Cooking Club

The Cooking Club was created for people who are interested in eating food and making food. Every member takes a turn to host and will teach the others how to cook a typical or special dish from her own country. Afterwards everyone will eat the meal that is cooked. Every 2nd Tuesday.

Dutch Conversation

This group gives members a chance to practice their Dutch language skills in a friendly atmosphere led by a professional teacher. 2nd and 4th Thursday morning of the month. 

Film Group

This group is for those members who enjoy watching and discussing films together. You are invited to come and discover that the film group is a great way to meet other IWCE members and make new friends! 3rd Monday and 2nd Tuesday.

Gourmet Club

A group of members and their spouses/partners meet to enjoy the menu of the month on the 1st Saturday (7 PM). Hosting is in various members' homes. This group is perfect for those who wish to make friends with other couples. 

Lunchpauze Concert Group

Enjoy good classical music every Thursday (except the 3rd) during lunchtime at the Muziekgebouw. Concert tickets are 3€. We meet at 11.45 AM by the ticket booth.

Support Group

A support group that provides an opportunity for all members who are directly or indirectly affected by a particular issue, illness, or circumstance to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about it.

Walk and Talk (starting) in the City

We meet every Monday morning and walk for 90 minutes ( 5-7 km) in a green area in or near the city. We enjoy starting the week with exercize and a social opportunity. 

Book Club

Do you love reading and are you interested in a lively debate? Then the monthly Book Clubs are worth exploring. We offer several different book clubs. Some meet mornings and others meet evenings. Contact the leader to discuss the best group for you. 

Coffee Morning in the City

The Java is piping hot and the conversation is too! We meet in the city centre for coffee/tea, a sweet treat and good company. Monthly during mornings on the 1st Wednesday and the 3rd Friday. 

Crafts for Moms

This group is more than just making crafts. It is a base for talking together as mothers while living in a country other than your place of birth. Every 1st Monday morning.

English Conversation

A discussion group for non-native English speakers who wish to improve or feel more comfortable in their command of the Club's main language. All levels welcome. Leaders are native English speakers. 1st and 3rd Friday mornings. 

Currently on hold whilst looking for a new leader.

French Conversation

An informal French conversation group is
for anyone who would enjoy speaking French. The group meets monthly in different homes for coffee or a pot luck lunch, starting at 12/1pm. Native and non-native speakers welcome.

Currently on hold whilst looking for a new leader.


Do you want to learn a new skill in a short time in a relaxing atmosphere? The Handicrafts group offers contemporary craft workshops with a social 'twist'. 3rd Monday morning.

Mahjong Group

Mahjong is a tile-based game played all over Asia and this group enjoy it in the Netherlands! Meetings are every Thursday morning (except the 3rd). 

Walking Group

Start the day with a walk in the fresh air! With the Walking Group, members discover nature in and around town. Most walks are dog friendly. They meet every 2nd Friday morning at a different park space outside the city.

Wellness and Beauty Group

Spend some time on recharging and relaxing your body and mind. Wellness group members share advice and tips for balancing life's daily stresses. We meet the last Tuesday morning of the month.